The foundation of every SEAHOLM automatic watch is performance. 

The SEAHOLM ® WHITE PAPER communicates our view on current industry standards (ISO) for automatic watches and details the development and testing of our watches.  Our anti-magnetic movement mount and visco-elastic shock ring involved designers, mechanical engineers, and production facilities in four different countries spanning three continents. 

Why does it matter?  Because performance is dramatically improved.  If you are like us, the beauty is in the details and the SEAHOLM® WHITE PAPER is a pretty exciting read.

If you want to know "why" a Seaholm automatic watch is more durable, accurate and requires less service, this is all the information you will need.

View the full White Paper in the reader above or download it via the down arrow in the upper left of the viewing screen.


Ashton Tracy obtained his WOSTEP diploma in Manchester, UK at the world-renowned British School of Watchmaking. 

Ashton is a member of the British Horological Institute and the New York Horological Society and is heavily involved in horological education, helping to educate the public and train the future generation of watchmakers.

Also an accomplished horological author, Ashton writes for publications including Quill & Pad, World Tempus, The FHH Journal, Worn & Wound, Watches By SJX, International Watch, and The Horological Journal, the oldest continuously published technical journal in the world.