Hayden Richards Limited Edition Print - The White Highway

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Hayden "Rich" Richards or SA Rips’ to his loyal following on Instagram is one of the premier surf/outdoor photographers in the world today.   

Whether he scales the cliff-studded coast of his native South Australia or slips into the dark, bottomless ocean patrolled by Great Whites, a shot that comes from Rich’s camera encompasses significantly more danger than almost anyone else.  The combination of stunning landscape, tangible danger, and raw photographic talent, produces the spectacular.   Self taught, Rich has won top honors in many photographic competitions.  

All images are printed on top grade fuji pearlescent metallic paper and framed in matte black. 

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The Rover Field Watch

Deep ocean, crashing waves, dirt and sand put Rich's Rover to the test.  Reliability is a necessity when you are miles from civilization.

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