We didn’t start Seaholm to build just another luxury automatic watch.

There was no point in that.

The world is full of business-as-usual watch brands owned by a few big luxury conglomerates.

We set out in 2013...

...to build a durable automatic watch that can be worn on any adventure, during any experience. 

Working with White Brand Design from Neuchâtel, Switzerland, we began a process of engineering and prototyping watches that exceeded luxury watch standards in every way.

 Why did we make an automatic watch more durable?

Because automatic watches are legendary tools that work best the more they are used. They should be on your wrist at all times, not being serviced or sitting on your dresser because you are afraid to use it.

A Seaholm automatic watch can go with you anywhere, anytime, anyplace; no charging is needed, there is no battery to change…EVER.