Jarrod White

Tavarua Boatman / Surfer


Australia’s Jarrod White has an undeniable skill set in surfing, especially in the form of waves of consequence.  Jarrod is continuosly recognized as a free surfer and has been documented in an array of surf publications and media sources.  His ability has been globally recognized. 

But when the opportunity came to be a guide and instructor at the world-renowned surf resort of Tavarua in Fiji , his life changed.  Jarrod found a home, a place where he is recognized on a global platform as a world-class surfer, lending his knowledge and experience to traveling pros and novice adventurers alike.  Jarrod's attraction to Tavarua is a small piece of the reef called Cloudbreak, often called one of the best waves – if not the best wave – in the world.  Jarrod plans his life to make sure he’s just a stone’s throw away from Cloudbreak all times.

This path not only provides him with the luxury of surfing world class surf but also fuels his passion as an avid waterman, fisherman and conservationist.  When not surfing the fabled reef breaks of Tavarua, Jarrod is closely ingrained in the community assisting in reef conservation and reintroduction. 

A result of Jarrod’s love, respect and admiration for this piece of surf heaven-on-earth, he is commitment to protect of the region’s delicate ecosystem.  Specifically, Jarrod has championed reef restoration and helped reintroduce the giant clam, which almost reached extinction due to over-harvesting.

Jarrod uses his Seaholm Rover everyday as a trusted piece of equipment, helping him manage a daily routine unlike anyone else's in the world.