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That is why we build watches tough enough on the inside to withstand any challenge on the outside.

Under the direction of Red Dot®  award winning designers, White Brand Design in Switzerland, we spent 3 years designing and rigorously testing our watches for anti-magnetism, water resistance, shock resistance.

 Our goal was not to meet ISO standards but to build automatic watches to a new standard; watches that can be used all the time, in any environment.


Magnetic fields are the easiest way to damage automatic watches.

Seaholm watches provide 7 times the protection compared to watches that just pass ISO standards.

A capsule of 99.8% pure iron "absorbs" strong magnetic fields, leaving the movement inside unaffected.



Water, even minor condensation, will ruin an automatic watch over time.

Every Seaholm watch is over-pressure tested to 125% of the 200m depth rating.  Watches are heat tested to make sure there is not a trace of condensation.

Seaholm watches are on the wrists of guides who spend 7 hours a day, 280 days a year working in salt water.

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Shock can cause the most damage to your automatic watch.

Seaholm watches provide 3 times the resistance to shock and vibration compared to watches that just pass ISO standards.

Seaholm watches survive 10 foot drops onto hard wood.  Don't attempt that with any other automatic watch.