Offshore Dive Watch

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Whether it’s work or play, life on the water can be tough on equipment.  Designed with a saltwater environment in mind, the Offshore Dive Watch is not only tested to extreme depths, but also against unrelenting heat and salt that causes condensation and corrosion.   We hold ourselves to the highest water-resistance standard so that the SEAHOLM Offshore can handle any situation.

Offshore Dive Watch
Offshore Dive Watch
Offshore Dive Watch
Offshore Dive Watch
Offshore Dive Watch
Offshore Dive Watch

Shock Resistant

Mild shocks from every day movements can disrupt the oscillating system of the balance wheel and affect accuracy over time. SEAHOLM's visco-elastic shock mount protects the oscillating system and helps improve accuracy with daily wear.


Magnets can affect the whole escapement of the watch causing it to run erratically.  SEAHOLM movements are protected by an ARMCO® 99.8% pure iron case.  Iron draws the magnetic field to itself leaving the movement inside unaffected. 

Water Resistant

Each SEAHOLM automatic watch is tested to 125% of the 200m depth rating.  Undergoing testing exclusive to dive watches, SEAHOLM watches are suitable for scuba diving and other deep water activities.

Technical Specs




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