120 Days in the Alaska Wilderness

Epic Angling & Adventure • The Alaska Peninsula

The long arm of the Alaska Peninsula it is one of the last, great American frontiers.  Even by Alaska standards, it is considered particularly remote.  Only accessible by bush plane, the Safari camp of Epic Angling & Adventure sits above a tidal estuary off the north Pacific Ocean.  Honored in the book Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die, the camp offers spectacular coastal salmon fishing.

Epic Angling Alaska Bear PhotoFor even the more adventurous, helicopter fly-outs can take fishermen to pristine streams that see only a few rods each season… and where large coastal brown bears easily outnumber the humans!  When you live this "off the grid" for 4 months, the importance of the crew's gear is magnified. 

While the guests of Epic Angling & Adventure can lose all sense of time enthralled by salmon, rainbows, bear and sheer beauty, the guides and crew have a punctual schedule.  Not adhered to, a guide, the guest and even the team can be put in danger.  A requirement of all the guides is a high-quality time piece.   Endless daylight, dangerous terrain, wildlife and absolutely no cell service makes a good watch crucial. You don't want to miss dinner or the last flight back to camp after a great day of heli-fishing!

Rus Schwausch, the owner of Epic Angling and a veteran of 18 summers guiding the Alaska Peninsula, took the Seaholm Offshore Automatic Watch with him this season. 

"I fully expected the watch to be destroyed, if not in really bad shape after I got done with it.  Look at this thing...it looks brand new.  Not a scratch on the crystal.  The case and bracelet look fantastic.  The Seaholm performed!"

In four months of hardcore Alaska – estuarine saltwater, ice-cold freshwater, rain, mud, rocks, gun-barrel steel, and sharp hooks – the Seaholm Offshore flourished!

 The Offshore after 120 Days in Alaska




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