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The SEAHOLM® Rover - White Dial Prototype V.4B, November 2015


Founded in Austin, Texas by former executives of YETI,  the birth and development of SEAHOLM has been a truly global effort.  Our designers, engineers, and production facilities are located in four different countries spanning three continents.  Built in Switzerland,  every SEAHOLM  automatic watch meets the exacting quality standards mandated by Swiss Law.

SEAHOLM Watches Founder Todd Adams


My fascination with automatic watches began many years ago. On my journey to better understand the intricacies of automatic watchmaking, my fascination transformed into action.  In both my personal and professional life, the outdoors has been extremely important.  At times, spending months in the field, I began thinking beyond just another watch to a functional automatic timepiece versatile enough for any situation, from field to everyday life.  Traditional standards of quality were inadequate for modern life; for people on the go, living their life to the fullest.   

SEAHOLM was born with the mission to exceed industry standards in every way. 

We spent years developing the initial collection in partnership with the industry’s most esteemed watchmakers, White Brand Design based, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.  Every design decision emphasized the essential over the superfluous, bold and confident when it enhanced the functionality.  The result are watches that are clean, classic yet unexpected.

Our Product, Our Word, Our Guarantee . . . We stand behind our products and offer a comprehensive 3-year transferable warranty and complimentary 5-year service on all SEAHOLM watches.  We measure service and repair time in hours and days, not weeks and months.

In every way, SEAHOLM goes beyond standard.

Many people wear SEAHOLM watches not just fisherman, surfers, divers, and other outdoorsman.  We highlight people that put our watches to the test in extreme conditions; not just over a couple of days (or the length of a photo shoot), but over months and years of use.  We highlight them not only because we love what they do but also to showcase the durability and quality of SEAHOLM watches.

Because SEAHOLM watches are made for life . . . no matter how you live it.

Thanks for supporting SEAHOLM,


Todd Adams


Shock Resistant

SEAHOLM automatic watches can survive a 10ft drop, or an estimated force of 15,000g’s, with NO deviation in accuracy.  This is 3 times the current ISO standard.


SEAHOLM automatic watches can withstand magnetic forces to 33,500 a/M or 420 Gauss with NO deviation in accuracy.  This is 7 times the current ISO standard.


Water resistance standards are not created equal.  All SEAHOLM automatic watches are tested to the highest standard, ISO 6425.

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