“@Sa_rips . . . Sick Photos.  Love Your Work!  Kelly” 

Kelly Slater 
11 world surfing championships;
regarded as the greatest professional surfer of all time.

Hayden Richards Photography Exhibition

Shimmer Photography Festival
11th September-11th October 2020
Arts Centre Onkaparinga
Adelaide, South Australia

Hayden Richards doesn't do indoors very well...

 On shoots, he can be gone for days in some of the most rugged and daunting coastline in the world.   His home is not a barrier to the outside world but a sanctuary allowing for the fluid movement of people and all manner of  South Australian creatures.   

The internal confines of an art exhibition space is not where Hayden feels comfortable.   And it has taken many requests over the years to coax him to have a formal exhibition.  So, we are thrilled to announce that the good people at the Arts Centre Onkaparinga in Adelaide, Australia have convince Hayden to exhibit is work for the first time...ever.   Running through October 11, 2020 Hayden is exhibiting some of his latest work and the images are stunning. 

 Considered one of the most authentic surf and outdoor photographers in the world, Rich was a two-time finalist for Nikon’s Surf Photo of the Year (2017 and 2018).  His work is seen in full page spreads for Patagonia and the best outdoor brands.

Adelaide is a world way from Austin, TX.   
But as fate would have it we are Sister Cities.  We have reached out to the  Austin-Adelaide Sister City Cultural Committee to see if we can bring Hayden's (and others) work to Austin.  Stay tuned!

Hayden Richards Framed Prints

Hayden has allowed us exclusive access to sell the prints below from the US.  Hayden has helped us fine tune the printing process so they will look great on the wall.   We use top grade Fuji pearlescent metallic paper with a high gloss surface.  Due to the metallic base the prints have a deep resonance which makes the work sing.  They are finished in a matte black frame.  These are truly impressive in person and look stunning in offices and homes alike.