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Knox Kronenberg Photography

Knox Kronenberg is 22 years old and already an accomplished outdoor photographer.

 We highlight photographers and outdoorsman from all over the world but Knox lives just a few blocks away.  A student at the University of Texas, Knox spends his spare time pursuing his passions; photography and the outdoors.  When others are planning a spring break at the beach,  Knox is landing a shoot for the Patagonia River Guides in Argentina.  We are lucky he takes a SEAHOLM® (or two) with him when he goes.

We  believe in the independent spirit.  Adventure is the inevitable result of pursuing our passions.  We live our own adventure every day at SEAHOLM® and, at a young age, Knox lives his. 

Last summer Knox made a epic trip to shoot for No Boundaries Oman.  Oman, on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, is situated just below the UAE.  The No Boundaries operation is based 50km off the Oman coastline on the the magical Hallaniyat Islands.  Oman is the newest hot spot, literally, for Permit fishing.  Not only can you catch plenty of Indo-Pacific permit but you also get the chance to catch the elusive Africanus subspecies.

But getting to the No Boundaries operation is no easy jaunt.  Austin-Houston-Dubai-Oman by plane and a 400 km drive from the city of Salalah to the base camp took Knox 50 hours to complete.  It was well worth the journey.  You can see Knox's work on the No Boundaries website and on their Instagram page. 

For Knox, the destination is the "why" and his photography the "how".   His photos tell the stories and capture the feelings of the places he visits and  people he encounters.  

Christiaan Pretorius takes a break from the heat - Oman
Photo: Knox Kronenberg

Christiaan Pretorius takes a break from the heat in Oman.
Photo: Knox Kronenberg

For me, it has become more than just about the pot at the end of the rainbow, it’s about the path you take in order to get there. The adventure along the way is sometimes the most memorable part of the trip.
~Knox Kronenberg