Nathaniel Riverhorse Nakadate

On the rare occasion you bump in to Riverhorse (because he just tends to appear) you feel lucky.  Larger than life, you feel his presence, warmth and peace. 

Riverhorse is a writer, fly fisherman,  surfer, musician and traveler.  He is a searcher, continually learning about the world outside his comfort zone.  It is ironic that his latest work, with filmmaker Tony Czech, is about the Boundary Waters of Minnesota.

In cooperation with Patagonia, the film A Northern Light has just been released in support the Boundary Waters Wilderness Act.   Anyone who has paddled and portaged the Boundary Waters knows how truly special it is. 

Unfortunately, we have to fight to keep resources like the Boundary Waters pristine.

We travel with Riverhorse in spirit. . . and on the wrist.

Support the Boundary Waters Wilderness Act

Sulfide-ore copper mining, a particularly toxic type of mining that is guaranteed to pollute, threatens the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness—one of America’s most visited wilderness areas. 

Contact your member of Congress to support H.R.5598 and protect 234,328 acres in the Superior National Forest from copper-nickel mining development.

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SEAHOLM - Support the Boundary Waters Wilderness Act