David Mangum

Tarpon Guide / Filmmaker / Artist


More than any other species in the world, chasing tarpon requires a singular dedication.  Learning to find and catch tarpon is a lifelong journey.  More ghost or phantom than fish, tarpon are elusive, here one moment, gone the next.  Fickle feeders, the eat when and where you aren’t.  Elusive, stubborn, strong they are more adversary than quarry.

Captain David Mangum is a tarpon fisherman.  To be the best tarpon fisherman you must be a scientist, and David is one of the very best.  As Stu Apte puts it, “I like fishing the day before the new and full moon, and three days thereafter on each moon, which offers five choice days of strong tides.” Dedication to the science of the species has one aim . . .” to think like a tarpon."           

For David, decades of “in the field of study” has not only made him a great fisherman and guide but has also opened his eyes to the beauty and rarity of these pre-historic giants.  De facto, he is a conservationist and has a heightened sense of what changes in climate, pollution and over-fishing are doing to the tarpon populations. 

Captain David is singular in purpose but not one dimensional.  In his down time, he is an award winning filmmaker, photographer and oil painter.  He shoots films for some of the biggest outdoor brands today, like Orvis and YETI.     

When David is interested in something, he is all in.  He charges at it 100%.  Like David, we, at SEAHOLM, have the same singularity of purpose;  to study and build automatic watches.  Like Tarpon, automatic watches are intricate, beautiful, and enduring.  We are obsessed with our "field of study".  Making watches that surpass the norm; special in every way.


David Mangum's seaholm

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