"It's the only watch I wear and I don't treat it gently.  I love it!"
- Captain Rob Fordyce

"It's the only watch I wear and I don't treat it gently."  I love it!" - Captain Rob Fordyce

If there is a trait common to the people that inspire us it is their determination.  Captain Rob Fordyce is no different.  His life, much better suited to a book than a blog post, emphasizes that quality.  At a young age, and in a time when it seemed impossible, Rob devoted himself to making his living in the outdoors.  He sought out the legendary angler, Flip Pallot, to be his mentor.  While still in high school, he won the MET (Miami Metropolitan Fishing Tournament) Master Angler award and was the youngest person in history to ever do so.

He guides an average of 300 days per year in a normal season.  Widely regarded as one of the best fly tarpon guides in the Florida Keys, Rob has won or placed among the top three finishers in more than 100 tournaments including, the prestigious Gold Cup Tarpon Tournament, Outback Golden Fly, Don Hawley Invitational Tarpon Release Tournament.  He is the only guide to have won all four major Fly Tarpon Tournaments in their 50 year history.

The accolades and records are results of Rob's day in and day out determination and drive.  Guiding 300 days a year in the beautiful Florida Keys seems like a dream job to most but it is a job that requires stamina and intellectual diligence.  Do it for almost 30 years and it takes a toll on your body and mind.  Rob keeps his body in peak condition and is constantly studying his quarry, analyzing fishing conditions,  and assessing  tackle and tactics to achieve the best results.  Chasing tarpon "is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma" to borrow Churchill's famous phrase.
Rob's results and longevity are a testament to his physical and mental determination.

When we met Rob he was a devotee of another luxury watch brand; the largest and most recognized brand in the world (and we don't mean the Apple Watch).  As a watch enthusiast, he was intrigued by what we are doing at SEAHOLM and approached us to put our watch to the test.  Now he only wears his SEAHOLM Offshore. 

Many people wear SEAHOLM watches not just tarpon fisherman, surfers, divers, hunters and other outdoorsman.  We highlight people we know are putting our watches to the test in extreme conditions; not just over a couple of days (or the length of a photo shoot), but over months and years of use.  We highlight them not only because we love what they do and who they are but also to showcase the durability, longevity and quality of SEAHOLM watches.

Because SEAHOLM watches are made for matter how you live it.

Rob Fordyce
Rob Fordyce
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Rob Fordyce

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